the buddha and the dj

A DJ approached the Buddha under the Berghain tree.

“Teacher, should I play vinyl or digital?”

The Buddha smiled and ask “what is the music for?”

The DJ thought a minute and said “uhhh, I dunno …to make a good party? To get more gigs? I’m not sure cuz my style is kinda left field and differ-“

The Buddha cut him off. “There are no gigs. There is no genre. There is no party. There is just this. This is the the music. All else falls away.”

The DJ thought for a moment, frustrated…scrunched their forehead and walked away slowly, gazing at their phone, looking for the next party. They walked through fallen cripsy leaves and wind blowing thru trees and chirping crickets. And the Buddha smiled and listened to the sound. And danced.

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